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Clothing lines and fashion companies have clamoured to attract and sign up the latest ‘celebrity’ to promote their products, safe in the knowledge that it will reach the widest possible audience off the back of the popular TV shows. A huge factor that business owners face, especially novice business owners, is cashflow. Immediate cash injections from new clientele enables them to grow and expand in a far quicker manner, this is why social media advertising has helped new starting businesses not only stay afloat in their first few years of trading, but to flourish.

Every business requires a USP in order to offer something that hasn’t been or isn’t being offered by anybody else. A unique selling point must fulfil a service or offer a service that nobody else can offer, this will be the make or break for many companies. In this day and age, many companies look to provide a product or service which has been imitated, many of which will fail. A business, no matter what sector is operates within, takes many years of hard work to build. Firstly, the business needs to understand and recognise which route they wish to go down, once this has been established, then comes the building of the brand.

Building a brand takes time, it takes reputation. One just needs to look at some of the most recognisable brand’s/logos worldwide, and the affect it can have with consumers. Some of the most renowned fast food chains could be easily identified by the vast majority of the general public, if asked.

If a company is looking to establish itself as a major player in any sector, they need to have a target and a purpose. A product or service which is unique to them.

In order to expand on your business, you will need to come up with new and invective ideas in order to do so, always adding new services and products to the mix. Find out which products and services your clients want then and then how much they will pay for them; always ensure you make a profit.

Business analysis is another factor to the into account, create graphs and profit margins for your own piece of mind. This gives you an insight into what works for your company and what doesn’t. From the information given from said graphs and profit margins you well then have a greater knowledge of how to drive your business forward.

There are many platforms out there that are accessible for free, you won’t need to pay a fortune to have a CRM. Business management apps such as Asana or HubSpot are there to help communication and organisation within a business.

The other way to grow a business is to merge with another well-established business, providing all parties involved are happy and content with the terms and conditions, this could potentially accelerate a joint venture significantly. What we find within certain sectors offering similar services, if a merger. This can make a lot of financial sense as if you have two competing companies offering the same product to the public, a merge will almost always sweep up the majority of the market share.

Other examples of this, although not exactly the same are in cases where Mark Zuckerberg, founder and owner of Facebook decides to buy out its operating rivals. An example of this is WhatsApp, which Facebook purchased for $16 billion, this ensured Facebooks long term foothold within the instant messaging arena.

Another example of Facebooks dominance is their purchase of Instagram for the tidy sum of $1 billion, by doing so, they consumed and eradicated any potential competition from the company in the years ahead. The key to Facebooks longevity is its ability to foresee potential threats to its profits, and ensuring it dominates by buying them out.


The economy is the biggest and most fundamental system in any government, without it, society wouldn’t be able to advance or progress. Infrastructure, transport, retail and goods services, these are just some of the most important sectors we all have come to rely on within our society.

Every business big or small within society all contribute to the working order of the economy, money paid through services being transferred between consumer and business all get pumped back into the economy through the taxing system.

Through our collective taxes, the government is then in charge of using that capital to spend in areas within society that make our lives easier. Healthcare is one of the major elements consistently relied upon, without our taxes, our universal healthcare system which people rely upon on a daily basis, would crumble.

Small business in a society are the backbone of any economy, through consistent daily trade, the economy remains a well-oiled machine. Technology now plays a huge part when it comes to the day to day running of any business, whether it be a tradesman or an office worker, we as a society have become totally dependent on technology, it makes our lives easier and simpler in everyday life.

Without a well-functioning economy, the quality of life that so many of us have come to expect would be heavily effected, leading to a much lower standard of living.

The school system in our society ensures that each and every child and young adult are educated to a high standard, in order to give them the best chance of acquiring the best job possible. We are always conditioned and prepared to work, thus funding the economy.


Buying and selling property can also bring stressful and challenging problems too, when building a property portfolio there will always be one or two occasions where you purchase the wrong plot or property. Perhaps the location wasn’t as affluent as you first imagined, or perhaps the renovation costs went far beyond the budget you had set aside. A good portion of people that buy and sell property usually have particular resources at their disposal, usually in the form of their own buildings and contractors who can complete the work which will prove to be more cost effective for the buyer. Matthew Cullum can provide full details on all matters relating to property buying and selling.

If a developer is aiming to perhaps complete a project on a bigger scale, as oppose to purchasing one particular property on its own, they will often seek to acquire a large plot of land. There is far more value and potential profits if a developer purchases one large plot of land with the view to build multiple properties on site, as oppose to purchasing an already build yet dilapidated property with the view to renovate it, one property at a time. It’s the equivalent of bulk buying a product, with that comes potential discounts and better turnover. If a developer were to purchase a plot of land with enough space to construct 15 large 3 bedroom properties, in one specific location, this will be more appealing to new buyers and they are effectively in a quieter area, if the location was well chosen. It creates a newly built village effectively, making the properties fetch a higher price than if a dilapidated property in among an undesirable location were to be sold. This of course, comes with a higher budget and years of experience to attain this kind of information, something which the majority of private investors lack.

With the lack of affordable housing within the UK currently, and the governments commitments to new builds nowhere near their promised targets, we are seeing far more private developers capitalising on this gap in the market, with new developments popping up all over the country in record numbers.

You are in a competitive market, therefore having a property market strategy in place is key. You’ll need great offline and online marketing skills to really stand out from the crowd. People looking to buy property now begin their search online first. If you do not have an active online presence, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

There are a few marketing opportunities overlooked on social media platforms and websites, such as social sharing buttons. For instance, if you have a property website and a buyer wanted to share pictures with friends then you really should think about adding social media icon buttons to your sites.

Always keep an eye on the competition and check what other retailers in your area are doing. If you keep track, you’ll have better knowledge of what works and what doesn’t; you’ll basically be learning from their errors. You’ll need to be accessible at all times, so having your contact information on every page of your website as well as a bold ‘contact us’ page will grab attention. Another tip would be to have an impressive business card that you can hand out at every opportunity.

Consider local sponsorship, such as sports teams, school events and festivals. This is another great way to promote business as it may end up on a flyer, t-shirt or leaflet. As most people have a mobile phone it would work in your favour if your website is mobile friendly, you could even go as far as to create a mobile app for people to download. Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep potential clients interested and up to date with your plans and available property. It is also a great way to send out weekly/monthly newsletters. Within the Matthew Cullum newsletter you can include exactly what the clients are looking and asking for. You should include the following; any emails sent through to your website, local outreach or any other comments they have made.

Hosting webinars is another factor to take into consideration, this will garner more interest for your business. They do not have to be very long, but an effective strategy is to include a Q&A at the end of your webinar for potential clients. Every time you host a webinar you can post them onto your website, clients will then get a real feel for you are and what your business is about on a personal level. It is always good to form a bond with each individual you have worked with or are about to work with, word of mouth is a powerful marketing strategy.

Testimonials are the best confidence signal for potential clients as they are written by former clients who you have already worked with. When a client has had a great experience with you, always ask them to fill out a testimonial form. You should always make the most out of testimonials, as again they can be posted onto your website of any social media platforms you may have. It’s always good to stay in touch with former clients as they will want to refer friends who are interested in purchasing a house or any other property avenues you may have expertise in; think about creating a referral system for former clients.

Creating an online blog for business, again generates followers, however you will need to do your research. Use platforms such as ‘Medium’ as you can post content onto the site and it has a tremendous number of followers. If you post blogs make sure to really add some business tips and content, people will see this as value, and you will have influenced them instantly. Sharing your knowledge and expertise will convey a trustworthy and professional persona which people will genuinely want to follow. Another way to market is to answer people’s questions on sites like ‘Reddit’, these are sites that anyone can post on and it really gets your name out there. If you post regularly to your blog with relatable concepts the quicker, you’ll be able to grow your blogs audience.

It is essential that you research property market fluctuations, Investors are always able to make money at any stage of the property cycle. Be aware that whilst buyers will be worried about their homes having a decrease in value, Investors can buy at a discount due to decreased demand. Property market fluctuations can vary depending on which city you are in, you must be careful not to make poor investment decisions, so again you must do your research. The key is to always buy a property at a discount, this way you will gain instant equity once sold. Matthew Cullum blog can help with research on the property market and performance.

If you have renters living in your property it is crucial that the property is one that they want to stay in for longer. Void periods can be costly, letting agencies try to keep any void periods short, so you must have a strategy in place so that the cost is kept low. Another important aspect is to have a tenancy agreement in place, this will ensure that any tenants living in your property will do their up most to keep the space in good condition, however you must give allowances for any usual upkeep as this will be your responsibility. You could also get your tenancy agreement checked by a solicitor; they will help ensure your rights as a landlord are fully protected.

You must understand the challenges in order to reap the rewards, it’s also understanding how to deal with them. Be sure to run a background check on potential tenants, look into references from their previous landlords or agencies and a credit check. 

To summarize what I have written, you should always approach the property sector with caution and seek expert advice when needed as any decisions made could alter your reputation or be bad for business. In any case do your research, whether that involve location, pricing, marketing strategy or sponsorship.

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Not all developers or investors look to sell the properties however, many choose to rent them out to tenants, as this provides a consistent and stable income each and every month.

To expand on something I mentioned earlier, it is of the utmost importance to carefully carry out a costing review along with a long-term project plan, usually through advice of different people. This is another important factor Matthew Cullum would also mention to potential property developers, the necessity to have the correct team begin the project before beginning. It’s important to have a property acquisition specialist to ensure the right property and location are purchase with the view to maximise potential profit margins. It’s important to have a finance director who applies a realistic budget of costings including materials and contractor costs, also ensuring that it is all agreed within a certain time frame. Once all of these factors have been finalised and incorporated, only then would Matthew Cullum advise one then starts their property venture. We are currently seeing a surge in commercial property developments, especially in the north of England, this is due to the lack of office/warehouse space for newly launched businesses up and down the country. London is overly saturated with businesses big and small, eating to the majority of office space in the city. London has such a dense amount of businesses in one confined area, which makes it extremely difficult to launch a business in the city.

This is why we are seeing developers constantly trying to keep up with the demand, the more business that are launched the more the necessity for commercial property increases. Matthew Cullum believes that we will only see a year on year increase in the demand for commercial buildings and developments, as more and more people are seeking to start their own businesses, as times seem to be getting harder and harder for people financially, with Covid-19 which many predict will send us into a recession.

Property prices are decreasing and office/work space is in desperate need. Now is a good a time as any for any budding developer to launch themselves into the property sector.

Matthew Cullum's property blog is the best resource for property buying in the UK where where investors can receive great help in buying and selling property there is also a section completely involving buy to let which covers anything from purchasing commercial and residential property and also the whole legal process involved in buying these properties. Residential property is an area where you can make great income, but given the recent COVID-19 issues you should always be aware that Property will potentially decrease in value and the wider economic climate can always have an effect. Matthew Cullum's property blog will seek to guide you through the entire process from start to finish as well as give expert advice on the entire industry as a whole.

Another area of great interest to us is commercial property which can involve warehouse units, hybrid business units, industrial units, shops and also supermarkets. Commercial property in some cases has different tax and stamp duty implications should always be considered by the investor but can also provide a great income opportunity. The industry as a whole has been greatly affected by COVID-19 and we would expect there to be quite a lot of change in the market over the next couple of years and this should always be at the forefront of investors and buyers minds. Compare to many other products however property always outperforms given a long enough time frame, and so the benefits can certainly outweigh the downside risks.

 Building your port property portfolio can take many years of hard work and potential risks, however we at Matthew Cullum's property blog will always try to provide the top resources for clients and we encourage you to register your email address for more information. Resources can include market commentary, blogs, web casts and also seminars. We also worked tirelessly to provide the top content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media outlets so please feel free to register at any time.

I will use many forms of advertising to promote our services including TV, radio, Internet, viral marketing and many more. It it is a very come competitive industry and you need to be at the forefront of the market and in innovative to compete against the other companies out there however we always try to provide the top service for our clients. Following on from this we intend to compare Property versus other products that are out there, these include gold, silver, stocks, wine, film, alternatives and foreign-exchange products.

Many of these products are potentially risky and have lots of ins and outs that needs to be considered by the client at all times as well as receive expert advice on these products. A property is widely understood by many people out there as many people have purchased properties before, Matthew Cullum and Property blog will provide more help and resources to these people and narrow down the focus on investment and portfolio building. The other downside risks of these other products is you cannot leveraged with financial institutions, banks and other funders.

It's is always one of the best benefits of purchasing property as you can use effectively other people's money to make more of a profit, and the downside risks are also shared with the institution from which you've borrowed. In the UK land and property are highly sought after and so the asset always provides a fair amount of security for the investor and Property purchaser unlike other products you do not usually have such a strong and safe asset from which to fall back on if you do not achieve the profits you expected.




No matter if you're looking to become a property developer purely as a hobby or for your own self build or whether you are looking to establish a retirement fund or take on a part of full-time job there can be no barriers for your ambition in the property market. The first port of call will always be the access to funding and you will need considerable time in order to fulfil the basic fundraising requirements before you embark on a property development or investment. The main knowledge comes from the research into the property market that you do and in order to get into property development this will be an essential part of the process.

The Matt Cullum Property blog outlines key factors which should be considered when planning your fledging property development projects and these will take the form of a business plan, business model, development appraisal and full figures on the build project. If you are serious about this venture and whatever the funds or resources are required there must be a solid incredible development appraisal fully undertaken on the project before you start. This appraisal should include key costs which are not limited to purchase price, stamp duty, construction costs, interest payments and also selling costs. These are very important costs which should be factored into the and profit margin which will determine whether the project is viable or not.

You need to consider carefully the structure of how you will proceed on the development of the business will take on any legal implications also. Employing a competent solicitor will be the making and breaking of a potential projects and we would advise to research carefully the solicitor firm that you choose to use. They will be involved in much of the process from start to finish as we are potential funding Broker which is also a important role and you should research your broker carefully also.

You need to address the source of funding and where you will find the deposit awful build and purchase costs. Many people will go to banks or mid to lenders or even nowadays crowdfunding companies which can be easier and quicker to deal with which is extremely important when you are in competition for a particular property or plot of land. He may even have friends in the building trade that can potentially help with the development and you need to look at things like a website and associated costs involved in marketing and take this very seriously.

Two main vehicles for development can be by to let and buy to sell. The first thing to consider potentially is your exit strategy and how are you would look at effectively selling your properties at the end. 
The Matthew Cullum blog provides more information on the marketing and selling of properties and research is key websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, prime location and also on the market these websites ones that are chosen by most property sellers. Buy to let tends to be more of a long-term strategy and a good way to test the water in a particular market. It can be potentially financially viable to build a portfolio however the tax implications should always be a key consideration and you should speak to an accountant before embarking on a buy to let property purchase.

There are many factors which can dictate a particular property model and from working out the income yield versus the cost implications will give you an idea of where a project is particularly viable. A rental yield from a buy to let property can be worked out through the annual rental income versus the value of the property. Anything around 5 to 10% can be a good place to start when it comes to buy to let. In terms of development margins for build projects developers will typically look at between 15 to 20% as an end profit margin was factoring in the leverage from a funder. Please register on the Matt Cullum Property website for more information on all of these key areas of property development.

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